Therapy & Healing

Popular Treatments

While we have many therapies at Ayur Centre, here is a description of five of our most popular ones.


In any detox programme, there are usually two parts to the treatment: pre-purification therapy and purification. In pre-purification therapy, there is Snehanam (oleation – where a liquid or semisolid preparation of a medicines in excess of oleic acid is applied and massaged to the body) and Swedanam (sudation which is the process of the sweat glands of the skin secreting a salty fluid). The purification is usually called Panchakarma. Together, they will help the body and mind relax, improve the flow of energy and prepare the body to eliminate excess doshas or impurities from the body.


The most common form of external oleation is Abhyangam. Generally, sesame oil is used as the base of all medicated oils. These medicated oils are applied to the body after which the therapist massages your body. Among the many benefits of this treatment is that such massages help to moisten and lubricate the skin.


During this from of treatment, you have to sit on a wooden board and the prescribed oil is applied from the upper to the lower part of the body. Then, you have to lie down on that wooden board. A rolled piece of muslin cloth is tied around your forehead above the eyebrows, to protect the eyes from oil seeping into eyes, nose and ears. When ready, medicated oil is poured gradually in a continuous stream onto the forehead from a suspended vessel above the head. This treatment is known for relaxing the mind and relieving stress.

Njavara Kizhi

This kind of massage involves fomentation of the body with a bolus of cooked rice known as Njavara rice. This rice has particular nutritional and therapeutic value. It is recommended for those who suffer from degeneration of structural tissues of the body.


This therapy involves a stream of buttermilk being poured over parts of the body or the whole body. It is generally used to improve the skin luster and relaxing the mind.