Yoga at Ayur Centre

Yoga is a gentle exercise that increases your body awareness and flexibility to achieve inner peace and at Ayur Centre we offer you a new dimension to this aged-old by combining it with the healing properties of Ayurveda.

Our experienced Yoga teacher is trained to listen to your personal objectives. We offer to customize the most suitable Yoga program based on the initial Ayurvedic consultations to assist you in achieving your goals for a balanced and harmonized self during and after your stay with us.

All of the Yoga therapy practices are suited for every one of all ages. You are welcomed to join the drop-in classes such as the Hatha Yoga should you prefer to enjoy the ambience of mingling and sharing with the other participants. If you wish to have a personalized package like the Slimming Yoga, Couple Yoga and the Prenatal and Kids Yoga, we have specially designed private sessions available just for your needs.